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When you pop the lid of a My Fathah’s Original Salsa jar you are immediately immersed in the smell of fresh veggies. As you dig your first chip into the jar you will notice how our consistency is thicker than any other salsa on the market. That first bite will have you immediately noticing the sweet grape tomatoes hit your pallet, and then the rest of that good salsa flavor, with just the right little kick at the end to make you want to grab another chip and dig in for more.

In the first bite of My Fathah’s Hot Salsa you noticing the sweet grape tomatoes hit your pallet, and then the rest of that good salsa flavor. You will notice everything from two different kinds of onions we use, to the three different kinds of peppers. The heat will then to begin to hit you, with just the right amount of kick and flavor, it won’t burn your mouth off, but leaving you satisfied with a strong heat at the end of every bite. The consistency of the hot recipe is just the same as the original, with that famous stick to the chip consistency that you can only get at My Fathah’s Salsa.

My Fathah’s Salsa will go good with any dipping chips you can find. We promise that My Fathah’s will grab on to any chip giving you a full bite in every scoop. The salsa is also great on tacos and burritos and provides great flavor. You can also make an assortment of salsa based layered dips with our thick consistency that allows you to layer other dips and cheeses.

People also tell us that they love it on eggs in the morning.

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