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Sweet Cucumbah Relish 2-Pack

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Product image 1Sweet Cucumbah Relish 2-Pack
Product image 2Sweet Cucumbah Relish 2-Pack
Product image 3Sweet Cucumbah Relish 2-Pack
Product image 4Sweet Cucumbah Relish 2-Pack

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A FAMILY RECIPE from the1950s, but the younger generation is eating it by the spoonful right out of the jar. Back in the day, this is how great relish was made and we are bringing it back. This sweet relish is made with fresh vegetables for a unique flavor and crunchy texture. We only use small, mild pickling cucumbers for this recipe. Not just for hot dogs. A condiment for every dish or snack! The Fathah’s Mothah, my Grandmother known affectionately as “Baci,” developed this recipe years ago and passed it on to my Dad. We love and miss you Baci. Enjoy & Share!

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