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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your main ingredient?

Red, ripe grape tomatoes


What is the heat factor of the Original Salsa?

Our Original salsa is our original recipe, obviously! Starts sweet and ends with a “little kick”. It’s a medium flavored salsa.


How hot is the Hot Salsa?

Our Hot salsa recipe was created by leaving all the jalapeño seeds in the peppers (we remove half the seeds in our Original). We also add more cayenne pepper. It’s pretty hot but not over the top.


When I place an order online, when will my salsa be shipped to me?

Your order will be shipped within 2-4 business days. Your salsa will arrive via United States Postal Service Priority Shipping, which is 2-3 days. So your salsa should arrive 4-7 days after placing your online order.


What’s the shelf life of a jar of My Fathah’s Salsa?

We do have an “Enjoy by Date” on the label. Our shelf life is 8-12 months.


Do I need to refrigerate my jar of salsa after opening?



How long will my jar of salsa last in the refrigerator?

It probably won’t last very long because an open jar of our salsa in the fridge will be eaten up pretty quick. But it will last for several weeks.


Should I recycle my glass jar after its empty?

Why not?


What should I do if any of my jars of salsa are broken during shipping?

You should file a claim with the United States Postal Service. Go to the USPS website, click on “Help” then “File a Claim” and follow the instructions. Be sure to keep the box because you will need the tracking number on the shipping label to file a claim.

We fully insure all of our shipments for the full purchase price of your orders!


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