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About My Fathah's

Dick Johnson

When he was young, Dick cooked and served great food alongside his Fathah and Mothah at their family snack bar and restaurant in the Taunton, MA area. Great recipes were passed down through the generations. When he wasn’t in school, you would always find him at the family restaurant with his friends. When the restaurant was sold, his Fathah sold him along with the business to work with the new owner to ensure that the quality of their food continued! His love for vegetable gardening came from his grandfather who operated a large vegetable farm and taught young Dick everything he knew. Today, after many years working in the public and private sector, he is back at the food business working as the Chief Cook at My Fathah’s.

Ben Johnson

The only son of the Fathah, Ben grew up in a home where something was always cooking. His love for creating his own food recipes developed later in life and it was a natural for him. Ben would work in his Fathah’s garden, helping him to move the soil and harvest the vegetables. Now as a student studying Business and Entrepreneurialship, his leadership and creativity lead him to become the creator and owner of his own business, My Fathah’s. After developing a special recipe for salsa with his Fathah, the company was launched. Ben continues to attend Bryant University while operating the company with ingenuity and determination.

Karen Johnson

Growing up in a large family with her parents, two brothers and two sisters, Karen’s Mothah always had a summer vegetable garden to help feed a big family of seven. So while Karen grew up around the love of gardening, she unfortunately never had a green thumb, nor a knack for cooking. But she did end up working in the food industry after completing her degree in hospitality management and became a food and beverage service manager. As a Mothah, and a big believer of her Son, she welcomed the opportunity to work with Ben and manages the details and daily operations at My Fathah’s.


By traveling to a shared commercial kitchen in Warren, RI to a place called Hope & Main, the salsa is made in small batches by the Fathah and Son, and occasionally with the help of family and friends.  Hope & Main is a nonprofit incubator program which supports dozens of food-related companies, including specialty food product makers, artisanal bakers, caterers, food trucks, farmers, personal chefs and nutritionists. For more information on Hope & Main, visit:


There is every intention and enthusiasm to grow My Fathah’s into a large successful company which provides great food products regionally and nationally.

The My Fathah’s Team is tremendously grateful to their family and friends who have supported the company’s efforts and cheered their successes. In addition to his son, Dick is so very proud of his four grown daughters, four grandchildren and great grandchild. His daughter’s husbands are like his own sons to him. Karen’s siblings and in-laws mean the world to her, and her parent’s love and support guide her every day. Ben’s cousins are his best friends, whether they are near or far. And his sisters’ love and support means the world to him. And to all friends of My Fathah’s, the gratitude is endless!

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